Access Rights Management,

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Most employees have access to data that is not relevant to their role due to legacy and unrevoked permissions. This is because they are difficult to manage with native Windows Active Directory tools alone. Organisations are responsible for checking who has access to data and being able to apply and enforce a least privilege policy is key.

Insider threats occur when:

  • Careless or uninformed users who unintentionally violate security requirements and policies due to a lack of awareness and training
  • Users who intentionally evade security measures out of convenience in misguided attempts to increase productivity
  • Disgruntled employees who seek revenge against the organization for any wrongdoing
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Contact¬†OneForce¬†for your ‘Active Directory Permissions Health Check’. Access rights management can be up and running on your network in under 30 minutes. If you prefer, an experienced engineer can assist you either on site or remotely with the test installation.

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OneForce Access Rights Management gives organizations visibility and manageability over user permissions and helps to demonstrate that steps taken will ensure sensitive data such as financial business plans, customer personal information etc. is secure and managed with the utmost care and attention in line with current legislation.