Endpoint Detection & Response

Preventing the unknown and catching the known. Deploying an effective EDR solution should not require a 6-figure budget, a team of forensic analysts and multiple dashboards from 4 different vendors.

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Robust, multi-layered security products to combat next-gen malware, ransomware and other enterprise threats

Thor Premium Enterprise is uniquely adapted to secure your environment and add valuable threat-hunting tools. The modular nature of Thor Premium Enterprise allows you to add the essential security layers to prevent data breaches and get on-the-fly, actionable insights to add cyber resilience your environment.

The unique, modular approach to both proactive and reactive security of Thor Premium Enterprise makes it the perfect fit for your organization, as it can be scaled up and down in order to provide the best type of detection and mitigation

Unique traffic filtering to prevent endpoint compromise, data leaks & more

  • Unique traffic filtering to prevent endpoint compromise, block malicious internet traffic and eliminates the risk of data exfiltration
  • Advanced, machine learning-powered detection of sophisticated threats at the traffic layer in order to prevent and mitigate attacks
  • Smooth policy deployment automatically eliminate security holes in third-party software

Next-gen Antivirus with market leading detection rates

  • Uses traditional local scanning and cloud scanning, sandboxing and process modification behavioural detection for a fully fledged detection solution
  • Low-impact endpoint protection including signature based and generic detection, heuristics analysis & more
  • Enhances classical signatures, behavioral analysis and advanced heuristics with Applied Artificial Intelligence to combat Zero-Day, Advanced Persistent Threats and ransomware attacks